Q. Where is this cooking style from?

A. The Nutrigrill shares a cooking history with most Asian countries. The process includes the barbecuing of meats and the cooking of vegetables simultaneously. Although Asian cooking devices in this category vary somewhat, they all combine the cooking of meat and vegetables and are powered by butane gas or charcoal. While hugely popular in countries like Thailand or Singapore, the cooking style has not taken off in Europe, North America, South America or many other countries, due in part to the use of gas and coal. Nutrigrill is the first commercially available cooking device in this category made specifically for North American families. 

Q. How long does it take to cook with the Nutrigrill?

A. Meals made on the Nutrigrill vary in time from around eight minutes to as much as 15 minutes. The cooking time of the Nutrigrill Is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the time regular cooking. The time-saving is achieved by cooking all the food simultaneously using only one cooking appliance (with 2 temperature zones) and where the preparation is usually simpler.

Q. How hot does the grill get?

A.The Nutrigrill operates in two distinct temperature zones, 1)The barbecue portion in the domed Center part and 2) The moat around the outside. The barbecue portion achieves a 500°F+ temperature, the moat is always 130° f cooler. It is this dual temperature cooking capability that allows vegetables and meat to cook at their appropriate temperature simultaneously.

Q. Is the Nutrigrill hot enough to BBQ a whole steak?

A. In a comparative test - two steaks of equal size and weight were tested on the Nutrigrill and a 50,000 BTU BBQ. Notably

the steak barbecued on the Nutrigrill finished before the large gas BBQ. It was also noted that the steak barbecued on the Nutrigrill maintained more internal moisture and was more tender. This was further verified with pork, chicken, and seafood. It was determined that the reason for such a difference was influenced by the distance of the heat source to the meat. The Nutrigrill has its heat source within 2 mm of the meat whereas the gas barbecue has its heat source some 10 to 25 cm away from the meat. This ensures that the heat is most efficiently used by the Nutrigrill maintaining a high level of moisture and not dried out and hard as seen with the gas BBQ.

Q. If raw meats and vegetables are cooked at the same time, is their concern about cross-contamination?

A. The temperature of the barbecue portion exceeds the temperature required to safely cook meat. Secondly, the moat, even at a decreased temperature still maintains a safety margin. Most importantly, this form of cooking has a history of nearly one thousand years during which time any such problems would have been seen and corrected. 

Q. In what order do I cook the food if they're all done on the same grill?

A. Step one, add the broth, step two, add the vegetables, step three, add the meat. While some recipes may vary a little such as cooking with or without broth, the process of cooking the vegetables, from the densest to the least dense first, and then adding the meat within 1-2 min after is common. In many cases, it may be preferable to cook the meat and vegetables interchangeably on the barbecue or in the moat.

Q. Does the Nutrigrill make a lot of smoke in the home?

A.Most recipes make use of a soup broth in the process which results in steam and eliminates most if not all actual smoke. However, just like a frying pan that is left on the stove at high heat, if the heat is not controlled may result in some smoke.

Q. How much electricity does the Nutrigrill use?

A. The Nutrigrill Is rated at 1200 W and 5.5 amps. Two grills may be used effectively with one 15 amp breaker without fear of interruption. The Nutrigrill has a maximum operating temperature of 575°F. 

Q. What is the coating on the grill top?

A. The coating on the grill top is a PTFE and PFOA free, high-quality ceramic finish. It has a functional temperature range approaching 600°F. The coating is robust and resists scratching and abrasion common to normal use. 

Q. How difficult is it to clean?

A. Included in the package is a cleaning brush. Once cool a small amount of soap is spread over the top of the grill. The brush is used firmly along the grill lines. Rinse and repeat and you're done! The average time required for cleanup is approximately 2 1/2 minutes.

Q. What makes the Nutrigrill better nutritionally and or different than other grills?

A. The Nutrigrill allows and even encourages people to cook with multiple and diverse vegetables in the same meal prep. Unlike the normal food preparation in North America that has a ratio of 1:1:1 for meats carbohydrates and vegetables, the Nutrigrill almost always achieves a ratio of 1:1:8 or 10 veggies. This means that as the vegetable or grows in number and size, the meat and carbohydrates shrink in size proportionately. The result is that calories are significantly reduced while the nutrient density is vastly increased. This means that people who eat using the Nutrigrill will intuitively eat more healthfully. No other grill offers such an easy solution or shows such positive outcome.

Q. Is the taste of food done on the Nutrigrill better than other grills?

A. Yes, cooking meat and vegetables together make the food taste better, thereby encouraging people to eat more veggies. Most high-quality restaurants enhance the flavor of their food by using the meat reserve. In addition to the meat, the combination of spices and flavors added in the BBQ process make cooking on the Nutrigrill a wonderfully exciting and creative experience!

Q. How does cooking with the Nutrigrill change how we eat together?

A. Cooking with the Nutrigrill together with family and friends allows and encourages people to engage with each other more. When eating and cooking on the Nutrigrill not only do you engage more but you can't use any technology devices, a popular choice of the GenXers.