NutriTips | Make These Desserts with your Nutrigrill® Steamer

September 27, 2017

Your Nutrigrill® steamer is good for more than just cooking meat, vegetables, and dumplings - it can make your dessert, too.

Steaming is also one of the easiest ways to make a sweet treat without the risk of burning or overcooking your dish. All you need to do is fill your Nutrigrill® with water, and turn it up to highest heat setting. Get the water to boil, then lower the heat and start steaming.

  1. Leche Flan | Filipino Creme Caramel

    Café Con Leche Flan |

    What sets this custard pudding apart from its brother, the crème brûlée, is the cooking method and its syrup topping.

    Most homes in the Philippines are not equipped with an oven. Therefore, desserts are often made by steaming. Out of all the steamed desserts, the leche flan is certainly the most popular on any dessert table.

    Traditionally, the leche flan is made with a llanera, an oval-shaped aluminium metal mold. But you may use different containers for your flan, keeping in mind that smaller containers will mean faster cooking times.

    On your mold, place your syrup, then add your custard mixture on top. Cover your molds with aluminum foil. Place the moulds on your Nutrigrill® steamer basket, and cover with your lid.

    Try Russian Filipino Kitchen’s take on this traditional recipe.

    Feeling adventurous? Try this café con leche flan!

  2. Bolu Kukus | Indonesian Steamed Sponge Cake

    Bolu Kukus by

    Light and fluffy, these sponge cakes are a popular, traditional dessert from Indonesia.

    Watching it cook is part of the experience of eating Bolu Kukus: this cake blooms like flowers while steaming.

    To prepare, add any colour you desire on the batter. If you wish to add two colours, I recommend to separate the batter in three - one to remain plain, and the other two to have colors you desire.

    Put the batter in your molds. Fill half the mold with the plain batter, then play with patterns and designs with your colored batter

    Turn on your Nutrigrill® to the highest heat to allow your liquid to boil. Place your molds 2 inches apart on the steamer basket, put the basket your Nutrigrill®, cover, lower the heat, and watch your creation bloom before your eyes.

    Check out Indonesian Cooking 101's full recipe here.

  3. Steamed Quinoa Cake

    Raspberry Steamed Quinoa Cake |

    This dessert is light, highly nutritious, plus it’s vegan and gluten-free.

    Make your own quinoa flour by blending dry quinoa in your food processor. Mix all the required ingredients, pour your batter in a small cake pan, and steam in your Nutrigrill® for half an hour.

    Get creative on your filling and frosting. Try this raspberry quinoa cake from

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